Rohet Sharma

Rohet Sharma, Chief Consultant at Platinum, is a former (aka reformed) banker of 15 year vintage.

The idea of Platinum took shape through his many roles at different companies. The seed was laid in his very first job when he realized that he would have to run his own business to truly grow as a professional. His engineering degree laid the analytical foundation and his MBA completed the structure by introducing a holistic approach to business. While his favorite class in MBA was Corporate Strategy, his penchant for everything to do with money led him to a banking career.

Rohet had a highly successful stint as an Investment and Corporate Banker with world class organizations in London, New York and Toronto (while his parents thought he was an overpaid teller).  He then switched to Commercial Banking where he found his true passion. Small and medium sized businesses are the cornerstone of any economy and their concerns are in fact more basic and important than those of public companies.  The latter however garner all the attention – of the press and of top minds in banking. Rohet's switch to Commercial Banking was the first real step towards founding Platinum Consulting as the idea was the same – bring knowledge, work ethic, analytical skills, strategic thinking and industry relationships to benefit small and medium sized businesses while the other top banking minds were focused on large public companies.

After achieving great success as a commercial banker, Rohet embarked on the next phase of his journey. Now Rohet wears multiple hats – consultant and business owner at Platinum, commercial mortgage and construction financing specialist at Elevo Mortgages, finance advisor for companies, President of the Alberta Chapter of the RMA (Risk Management Association), and full-time son, husband and dad. In between all these duties he manages to play a round of golf or watch a game of cricket (or any other sport for that matter). Most importantly, he is always available to lend a hand for anyone that needs help.