Platinum Consulting

Platinum Consulting Ltd. started in Spring-2016 to fill the demand for knowledgeable and trustworthy advice and lending solutions to Calgary’s business community.

Historically, independent advisors/consultants/brokers (terms often used interchangeably) for business financing have either focused on mortgage and construction financing or equity raising. Other business loan providers are usually tied to one or two lenders and are therefore not “independent”. Too often, business owners that need financing just don’t know where to go or how to navigate the “system”.  They then fall into the trap of taking the first option that comes along. We at Platinum fill the void that many business owners feel and give them true advice and solutions.

Platinum Consulting was created for the following purposes:

  • Help local businesses achieve greater success through access to capital

  • Recognize that loans are cheaper than equity and bank loans are typically the cheapest form of capital

  • Use knowledge gained through years of helping companies as a banker

  • Maximize relationships in the local banker and lending community for the benefit of businesses and business owners

  • Provide comprehensive advice and solutions on all financial matters

  • Provide business owners truly impartial advice – do what’s best for the business

Like most of our clients, Platinum also started with humble origins and has grown rapidly since then to cover a variety of industries and the full spectrum of borrowing needs across Western Canada. Each assignment brings new challenges, new learnings and new opportunities. Each financing deal closed brings an increased level of satisfaction and pride in a job well done. Each compliment or referral confirms that Platinum is on the right path – that it is serving its purpose.