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business planning

Business planning

Too often we have heard from business owners that their plan is all done, but in their head. Platinum Consulting helps companies understand the benefits of proper formal planning, even if nobody other than the owner will see it. We assist you in preparing the plan with the required level of detail and also help tailor it to your audience, e.g., management team / employees, potential lenders and potential equity investors.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

business planning

Financial analysis

A critical first step in raising money (debt or equity) is understanding how much money the company needs and why. It is also important to separate the “need” from the “want”.  At Platinum Consulting we undertake a comprehensive financial analysis of your company including its profitability, balance sheet strength and cash flow.  Through this we are able to identify critical gaps in funding or business trends that have been overlooked. This analysis is highly valuable in itself as it gives you a view from a neutral financial expert and it sometimes leads to surprising results (e.g., you may not need the loan that you think you need).

business planning

Small business loans

Business Loans Calgary

Most banks have a separate department dedicated to small businesses - one that's focused on their banking as well as borrowing needs. The borrowing needs are often met with business credit cards or overdraft facilities / lines of credit. At the small business level, loans/lines are typically unmargined. The upper limit for small business borrowing is different for every bank and ranges from $250,000 to $750,000, of course with exceptions. Personal credit strength of the company’s owner(s) is often a major factor in small business lending. A big advantage is that costs and reporting requirements are low. 

Because this is such a volume driven business, relationship with the lender and correct presentation of the deal can often make the difference between a loan and a rejection.  Platinum Consulting can help.

business planning

Business acquisition loans

Business Acquisition Loan Calgary

When someone buys a business or when one company buys another, the seller usually wants more money than the buyer has.  Since Platinum’s founder started his banking career as a Mergers & Acquisitions advisor to large companies, we are experts at assisting such buyers in finding the required financing to complete the purchase. Banks have more stringent requirements for such loans because of the additional risks involved and there is a strong emphasis on cash flow. 

Business Loan Calgary

Our previous experience as a lender helps tremendously in answering all the tough questions that banks would ask even before they come up, thereby getting you the loan you need to complete your purchase.

business planning

Commercial lines of credit

Managing working capital is a daily struggle for most businesses. Doing so efficiently can be a tremendous boost to the business and make the difference between delivering on the next big order or missing out. Having access to a line of credit is critical to the success and growth of most businesses, even when you think you don’t need it. Structuring the correct line for your business is an art and a science that requires a patient understanding of the business’ needs.  

At Platinum Consulting, we devote the time that your banker won’t so that you get the best outcome for your company.

business planning

Commercial mortgages

Commercial Mortgage, Loan, Financing Calgary

Commercial properties get financed very differently from residential properties. Commercial mortgages are generally split into 2 categories depending on the underlying property: commercial investment properties, and owner-occupied properties. At most banks, different teams look at the 2 different kinds of deals and knowing the right people is just as important as knowing how to correctly structure the deal. Commercial properties can be offices, warehouses, shops, retail strip plazas, apartment buildings, and many specialty properties like gas stations, car washes and churches. We are vastly experienced in all of the above categories and can find the mortgage to suit your needs.

NOTE: In Alberta one needs to have a mortgage license with RECA in order to advise on any real estate financing.  Commercial Mortgage financing is done through the licensed brokerage that Rohet Sharma is affiliated with. 

Commercial Mortgages
business planning

Construction financing

Construction Financing, Mortgage, Loan Calgary

Construction financing is often associated with commercial mortgages because there is a property underlying it. Construction financing can also be split into 2: commercial construction projects and home-builder lines of credit. Even more so than in commercial mortgages, structuring the deals correctly and knowing the right lenders is very important here. For home builders, we have expertise in assisting builders that do 1-2 houses a year to 50 or more houses a year. Similarly, we have the experience and contacts to assist small commercial project builders/investors as well as large experienced ones.

NOTE: In Alberta one needs to have a mortgage license with RECA in order to advise on any real estate financing.  Construction financing is done through the licensed brokerage that Rohet Sharma is affiliated with. 

Construction Financing
business planning

Project financing

This is a specialty niche area of lending that involves long-term projects with expected stable cash flow, sometimes with a public component or a dedicated client. Examples are power plants and toll roads.

business planning

Receivables factoring

This kind of lending comes in the specialty financing category and is an area banks usually do not get involved in. ‘Factoring’ a receivable involves a lender buying a company’s receivable and advancing money against it to the company. The lender will then collect on the receivable when scheduled and fund the company the remaining money, after taking its fees. This is not to be confused with a “collection agency” which happens when the company is in trouble. Factoring is often seen as a first step for new/growing companies before they become bankable. There are many benefits to factoring that surpass a bank line of credit and companies may choose to stay with the factoring lender rather than go to traditional bank financing, especially in a high-growth phase.

Our expertise in understanding a business and its cash flow needs enables to structure the right facility for your company.

business planning

Equipment financing

Equipment financing is one area that banks and specialty lenders often compete in. An established bank relationship will allow a company to avail the best interest rates to buy new equipment. Often the equipment vendor will also lend money against it either as a loan or a lease (very common for vehicles) or have relations with some equipment lenders for the same. There are other specialty asset based lenders as well that will finance used equipment on a standalone basis. This is often done based on liquidation value and is meant to be short-term because the interest rates are higher but it provides a company the cash injection it needs.

business planning

Treasurer CFO Role

At Platinum Consulting, we take on the role of Treasurer / CFO at a company on an ongoing basis to manage the company’s cash flows and banking / lender relationships. While there are distinct advantages to taking on a loan, lenders have ongoing requirements that need to be met. These can be burdensome for the owners that have not dealt with such matters before and any slippage is viewed negatively and the company’s financing may even get cut off. To ensure smooth running of your business, it often makes sense to hire professionals who will ensure such matters are properly looked after.